Monday, March 7, 2011

I came up with a side dish!

The most difficult thing for me to come up with are side dishes. I can't eat a steamed veggie every night. I've tried to follow recipes for Broccoli Cheese Casserole but they just don't taste right. I think some of my wise kitchen experience came in handy when I made up my version of a Broccoli Cheese Casserole. With a bam of this and a shazam of that, out came... Delicious side dish! I AM THE HERO of the dinner table! Boss approved! Wooo to the hooo! The Monkey stuck to rice/veggie mixture. He doesn't do velveeta... smart boy.

Broccoli Cheese Casserole
2 cups cooked brown rice
16 oz steamed, cut broccoli
3 large julienned carrots
1 10 3/4oz cream of mushroom soup
half a can of water
8 oz 2% velveeta, diced
Pepper to taste

Combine rice, broccoli and carrots in a bowl. In a separate bowl, combine soup and water. Pour soup into rice/veggie mixture. Add the cheese and pour into a 11x14 casserole dish.
400 degrees 25 minutes

Oops! No pic... I need a camera for just the kitchen. Adding it to my wishlist right after the rice maker.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fridge Victory!

Around the holidays or when I'm cooking for a party, I always run out of room in the fridge. This past holiday season it happened... I was standing there in wonder. How would I ever make all this food fit! So the genius idea hit me.... place a cookie sheet in between casserole dishes so I could stack them! Yippie, problem solved. So proud of myself because finally I had a kitchen tip I had not heard of! Goooo tell your favorite people, now! I'm so giggling at myself because even in that moment of fridge victory I took a picture, haha! Facebook and blogging has encouraged me to take a picture of everything. When I download my pics from my camera, it seems like my fave thing to capture is ME! haha!

Kashi ROCKS!

Kashi cereal is full of goodness. Our fave healthy cereal are Honey Sunshine, Heart to Heart and Go Lean Crunch. These cereals are low in sugar and high in fiber.

Hot Dog! Let's Dance!

Hot dogs are popular in this house. It's such a ez meal to make for this Mama. We stay away from processed meat but occasionally I still love a hot dog or sauage. I buy hot dogs without without nitrates. The flavor is slightly different but still very good.
$2 a package

A EZ read why we stay away from nitrates.

Yo Yo Yogurt!

My Monkey loves yogurt! I was delighted Yoplait had option without rBGH and in a fun package just for kids. A Woohoo all around! We also freeze them and he thinks it's so yummy. Now that Monkey is in kindergarten he will ask me for something he saw a buddy eat at school. It's most often kinda junky so I will buy one package and never buy it again. I do want him to try whatever he saw just so he's not curious. Recently, he tried Dananimals Smoothies do not have HFCS but do have artificial coloring and rBGH so this is a occasional treat. He thinks they're so good and drinks them as a shot.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Love it when I discover something new!

Reasors now offers Borden milk without artificial hormones. So here comes the taste test... Braum's is still my fave. The good thing here is that if I'm in Reasors I can buy milk there and not go allllll the way to Braum's. You know when I've just had enough or its the end of the day I just don't feel like driving alllll the way to Braum's even if I tell myself I could rock out to the Black Eyed Peas or call my sis, just not gonna do it.
Reasors Borden milk $3.55

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I love saving trees!

I love trees!
They are beautiful in the Winter covered in snow. I love to see the colors change in the Fall, I never experienced that before until we moved to Oklahoma. I enjoy seeing a bird rest on a branch during the Spring. I love to see a tree sway in the hot Summer. Trees are a reusable resource.It is important to recycle the paper we use. Besides recycling paper and cardboard, I decided to make other changes in my daily life to reduce my use.

What do trees do for us?

Trees are our breathing partners. You may not live in a forest, but you need trees in order to live. People and animals depend on trees and plants for oxygen. As you breathe in, your body uses oxygen. As you breathe out, it gives off carbon dioxide. Trees do just the opposite. They take in carbon dioxide and then release oxygen (which also helps clean the air). Trees also help cool the Earth. Trees give off moisture. More moisture in the air means more rain and all living things need water. Trees cool the air by shading and through water evaporation. They act like huge pumps to cycle water up from the soil back into the air. The 200,000 leaves on a healthy 100 foot tree can take 11,000 gallons of water from the soil and breathe it into the air in a single growing season. Did you know 5,000 things are made from trees? For instance baseball bats, shoe polish and even toothpaste from the tree extracts.

Besides recycling paper I try to reduce my use. Here are a few ways I use less paper. Some ways were easy changes some were hard.

1. After I clean out my purse, I recycle the paper that seem to overflow my bag. Of course keeping in mind how you dispose of it if it has private info on it.

2. I do make my long grocery list on paper because it is easier for me to read it but I recycle it when I am done. When it comes to small grocery stops I like to "write" them down on my cell phone.

3. Instead of writing my Monkey's teacher a note I email her.

4. If I need to write the Boss a note... I text him.

5. I do not wrap presents. I prefer to use gift bags because most often people will reuse them.

6. Several companies offer online billing. Some banks offer online banking.

7. I do send family and friends birthday and Christmas cards but they are made of recycled paper.

8. The hardest change has been giving up paper plates and cups. It is more eco friendly to wash dishes then to toss paper goods into the landfill. It has been over two years now since I don't use them and it has gotten easier. I now have fab ceramic plates and pretty plastic plates.

9. I have reduced the use of dinner napkins. It was so easy to use napkins to pick up any lil spills or crumbs. I was so quick to reach into the napkin holder to do these lil clean up jobs. I now keep them inside a drawer, it makes them less accessible. Instead of napkins I now use rags to clean. I keep several in the kitchen and have them available for clean ups. At meal times I only give one napkin per family member. I do not put a stack of napkins on the table. I believe having the napkins hidden is key. I am impressed with my sister, Yrazema aka Chema. She uses cloth napkins at mealtimes. This is very ecofriendly and frugal.

10. I have also reduced the use of paper towells. No matter how practical paper towells are I have replaced with kitchen towells and rags. I use rags to do all my house cleaning including dusting and restrooms. I feel more comfortable if I have specific rags use to clean the bathrooms and I wash them separately from other laundry. The papertowell roll no longer sits on the kitchen counter, it's kept inside the pantry. My sister, Chema, no longer uses paper towells and relies solely on rags.

11. I pass up on flyers or brochures. Instead I make note of the info on my cell phone. You know what's even quicker of making a note of it, I love to take pictures. I know that has been one of my most genius ideas yet! haha

Reducing the use of paper will extend the life of trees.

That's all I can think of how I reduce my use of paper. I'm sure I will think of more as I'm falling asleep.

The Truth
The oldest tree is a Great Basin Bristlecone Pine 4,844 years old located in the Southwest mountains in the US.